Research Focus

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Focused on optimized outcomes

Surwon Technology's research intensive focus seeks to capitalize on the commercial benefits represented by the rapidly growing, strategic field in the development of graphene materials and compound enhancements.

  • Synthesis of graphene compound materials
    •   Optimized catalyst theory
    •   Efficient catalyst processes
    •   Optimize costs of production
  • Material innovation and property development
    •   Crystal compound R&D and practical utilization
    •   Application testing and improvements
    •   Custom adaptation for application specific requirements

Collaboration Initiative

Building upon extensive datasets and proprietary research, Graphene Inc's collaborative initiative explores the practicality of theory in a real world environment.

Working in partnership with world class manufacturers and development corporations, Surwon Technology's technologies are integrated into a range of applications and tested to align with consumer quality levels of control.

The initiative is structured across a number of models ranging from joint venture partnerships, commercial consultancy, intellectual property licensing and strategic alliances.

Surwon Technology's IP range continues to explore the commercial benefits across a number of high charge-carrier energy dependent sectors including medical, automotive and transportation, smart home and consumer electronics.

Scientific focus

Surwon Technology is challenged to overcome the toughest problems faced as high charge-carrier energy dependent sectors demand capacity improvements that enhance consumer capabilities in a new wave of advancing Internet of Things possibility.

Pushing the boundaries of impossibility, Surwon Technology has reinforced its position as a lead innovator by leveraging upon R&D expertise that has the greatest impact in pursuit of outcome delivery.

The company is committed to further provide disruptive evidence and solutions that graphene and its potential compounds provide a real-world solution as manufacturers and development corporations advance towards their own goals.