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Patient healthcare management systems

Medical technologies are evolving to incorporate the benefits of Internet of Things application connectivity in order to improve patient health care management services.

Battery efficiency coupled with effective data transfer facilitates the application of a wireless network as remote patient monitoring becomes a practical reality.

Surwon Technology's industrial focus

In a rapidly growing sector, IoT healthcare revenues are forecasted to exceed $300 billion by 2020. Surwon Technology is focused on advancing its IP further to enhance the benefits of smart technology in medical devices.

Patient experience: Remotely monitor health without the need for onsite specialist care.

Self-service: Empowering patients with the capacity to assess conditions and make lifestyle adjustments to address conditional change.

Change reaction: Sudden changes to health conditions are rapidly reacted to and dealt with accordingly.

Improved knowledge: Gather and process larger amounts of data to improve knowledge on medicinal reactions and the treatment of conditions.

In collaboration, partnership and through the licensing of IP, Surwon Technology continues to work with developers and manufacturing units of leading medical corporations. Ventures under development are focused on a number of advancing applications, wearables, implants and ingestible devices.

Wireless body area networks (WBAN)

Early detection of medical emergencies and conditional deterioration has the potential to save lives and treat patients before critical conditions occur. Warning systems for patients with heart disease, diabetes and asthma are the main areas of focus in which superconductivity and battery-driven power can have a dramatic impact on development.

Application networks connect wearable and implanted devices to improve remote monitoring capacities to measure such vital statistics of heart rate and blood pressure. The potential impact of realizing the benefits of WBAN can reduce healthcare costs whilst providing a more proactive patient service.

Graphene Hexagon Matrix

Graphene-lithium-ion battery

Incorporating graphene-lithium-ion hybrid chemistries as part of a battery structure provides a significant number of performance-enhancing benefits. At a single atom thick, graphene layering with other materials presents a new world of opportunity.

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Graphene Application Development

Graphene Automotive Applications

Automotive applications

Surwon Technology's research and development efforts remain focused on enhancing the performance of graphene-lithium-ion battery technologies and graphene-enhanced sensor superconductivity.

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Graphene Industrial Applications

Industrial applications

Uncovering the potential of Grpahene Inc.'s intellectual property, the company works in partnership with research and manufacturing units of leading corporations throughout the industrial sphere.

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