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Industrial revolution 4.0

Automated industrial applications work towards an era of smart manufacturing within an operating ecosystem centralized through core functionalities known as the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT or Industry 4.0.

These concepts place people, production, machines and services in remote locations, whilst connecting each stage of the industrial process through highly automated, data driven cloud applications.

Machine-to-machine connectivity (M2M)

Connecting each stage of the industrial process autonomously and with detailed analysis functions requires a highly efficient network of wirelessly-powered sensor nodes.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity is presently restricted by the limitations of power by cable or by conventional battery-driven devices. Continued use of incumbent practices associates a number of installation and maintenance costs with the general cost of production.

For the IIoT to realize its potential, a flexible and robust wireless power source is required to provide actionable solutions that seek to optimize industrial operational efficiencies through cost saving practices and improved manufacturing processes.

Surwon Technology's industrial focus

Surwon Technology's collaboration initiative, in partnership with the research and manufacturing units of leading corporations, continues to uncover the potential of its IP range throughout the industrial sphere.

Applications enhanced by graphene superconductivity

Surwon Technology's collaboration initiative has been instrumental in the development of real world applications that are currently employed in the production processes of leading automobile corporations.

Smart manufacturing: Full automation and M2M connectivity to improve performance analysis of high temperature manufacturing processes.

Automotive testing applications: Automobile testing processes to analyze levels of strain as engine temperatures are monitored.

Malfunction detection: Vibration and temperature sensors deliver analysis to determine early warning signals as machinery performance begin to show signs of failure.

Supply chain trace: Centralized chain traceability to improve all aspect of the production-to-delivery process.

Graphene Hexagon Matrix

Graphene-lithium-ion battery

Incorporating graphene-lithium-ion hybrid chemistries as part of a battery structure provides a significant number of performance-enhancing benefits. At a single atom thick, graphene layering with other materials presents a new world of opportunity.

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Collaborative Research Focus

Collaboration & Research

Capitalizing on the commercial benefits represented by the rapidly growing, strategic field in the development of graphene materials and compound enhancements, Graphene Inc work in collaboration with leading electronics manufacturing corporations.

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Graphene Application Development

Graphene Medical Applications

Medical applications

Surwon Technology is focused on capitalizing on the scope presented by the Internet of Things as the company advances its intellectual property further to enhance the benefits of smart technology in medical devices.

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Graphene Automotive Applications

Automotive applications

Surwon Technology's research and development efforts remain focused on enhancing the performance of graphene-lithium-ion battery technologies and graphene-enhanced sensor superconductivity.

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