Energy harvesting remains a critical factor in enabling small form factor wireless applications. Battery capacities, sustainability and efficiencies continue to present challenges as advancing technologies remain dependent on a more robust source of power if they are to realize their scope of possibility. This is particularly so should the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) become unlocked.

Optimized application development

The incorporation of sensors (pressure, heat, motion etc.) with wireless transmission, complete with a robust source of power flow and storage is a major part of electronic application development. Maximizing the efficiency of individual components will ensure that mobile applications are safely powered for the duration requirements of advancing technologies.

Further benefits of optimized application development are likely to reduce installation and maintenance costs. This naturally occurring position essentially generates an economy of scale to further enhance the feasibility of mass-market appeal through a cost saving benefit incorporated into the cost of production.

Graphene-lithium-ion technology

Surwon Technology's breakthrough research has advanced the way in which mobile devices match next-generation application requirements. Utilizing the many benefits of graphene, Surwon Technology's graphene-lithium-ion battery technology facilitates the design and manufacturing stages of advancing technology without the energy source limitations that have stifled innovation over recent years.

Surwon Technology continues to work in collaboration, in partnership, in a consultancy capacity and under licensing of its breakthrough IP, with some of the world's largest electronic application corporations and manufacturing units.