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Specialized Material Innovation

Graphene Hexagon Matrix

Graphene-lithium-ion battery

Incorporating graphene-lithium-ion hybrid chemistries as part of a battery structure provides a significant number of performance-enhancing benefits. At a single atom thick, graphene layering with other materials presents a new world of opportunity.

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Enhancing IP value

Surwon Technology is a privately held, research intensive company, dedicated to the development of material innovation in pursuit of increasing R&D return on investment and intellectual property (IP) value.

Based in Hong Kong, Surwon Technology is focused on commercializing the benefits of material advancements in support of the increasing and specific demands created by a wide range of applications in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Collaborating with leading corporations

Surwon Technology works as an independent entity and alongside with global corporations to invent and develop innovative materials for energy source efficiencies and electronically-powered application uses.

The company's research is focused on maximizing energy source capacities to facilitate changes in the way in which electronic applications charge and consume power.

Proprietary throughput data technology

Through its high throughput data technologies, Surwon Technology is able to categorize and test the performance of material compositions up to 100 times faster than traditional techniques. Data recordings at such volume deliver accurate statistics to fully define the performance attributes of specific outcomes, thereby enhancing the IP value as ROI is optimized at each stage of the innovation process.

Graphene material development

By applying years of research heritage, Surwon Technology has identified the attributes of graphene as the most likely candidate to charge and deliver stored energy by means of crystal compounding and delivery through lithium-ion fuel cell host.

Theoretically, the attributes of graphene present a number of industries with the opportunity to utilize its high charge-carrier and heat conduction benefits. Technical challenges - specifically volume production and production costs – persist; however the knowledge base on the properties of graphene, whilst in its infancy, is growing at a rapid rate as manufacturers explore the initial adaptation of high-margin applications.