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    Graphene Material Development
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    Application Development
    Developing small form factor wireless capabilities

Surwon Technology

By applying years of research heritage, Surwon Technology has identified the attributes of graphene as the most likely candidate to charge and deliver stored energy by means of crystal compounding and delivery through lithium-ion fuel cell host.

Collaboration Initiative

Working in partnership with world class manufacturers and development corporations, Surwon Technology's technologies are integrated into a range of applications and tested to align with consumer quality levels of control.

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Graphene Lithium-ion Battery

Incorporating graphene-lithium-ion hybrid chemistries as part of a battery structure. Graphene can be layered with any number of nanoparticles that accept the flow of lithium ions during a charge or discharge cycle.

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Graphene Uses & Applications

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon allotrope that presents a number of industries with the potential to overcome the technical challenges faced by the limits of existing materials and manufacturing processes.

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Application Development

Unlocking the potential presented by the Internet of Things (IOT), Surwon Technology's graphene application development is focused on small form factor wireless capabilities

  • Automotive applications

    Surwon Technology's research and development efforts remain focused on enhancing the performance of graphene-lithium-ion battery technologies and graphene-enhanced sensor superconductivity.

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    Automotive Application Development
  • Industrial Applications

    Uncovering the potential of Grpahene Inc.'s intellectual property, the company works in partnership with research and manufacturing units of leading corporations throughout the industrial sphere.

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    Industrial Application Development
  • Medical Applications

    Surwon Technology is focused on capitalizing on the scope presented by the Internet of Things as the company advances its intellectual property further to enhance the benefits of smart technology in medical devices.

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    Medical Application Development